PicaJet Photo Organizer helps you organize your photos, view your metadata, edit your photos and share them with others. This photo organizing software is one of the only products that allows you to send your photos directly to your phone. You can also send your pictures to Flickr and Fotki through transparently integrated plug-ins. PicaJet Photo Organizer processes your photos quickly, and it makes organizing your images a snap. However, the editing options are more limited in this application than in the other software we reviewed.

You can use the PicaJet Quick Start Wizard to sort your photos by category. You can also organize them by date, file and image size, tag, caption, rating, DPI, file name, imported time, created date, location, modified date, and camera make and model. You can also sort your photos in ascending and descending order. This photo organizing software also allows you to arrange photos by file format (JPEG and MP).

PicaJet equips you with icons you can assign to your photos. Some of these icons include stars, circles, hearts, people, cakes and other simple images. In addition to using the icons from this photo organizing software, you can also import icons such as vehicle logos.

It's easy to find your photos in PicaJet by using the search function. With this search feature, you can search for groups of photos or individual pictures. You can choose to search for photos that aren't in any groups yet, or you can look for photos by date, imported date, location or rating.

You can even hide photos with PicaJet. This photo organizing software has a privacy setting to protect your photos. You can also view and modify metadata through PicaJet Photo Organizer. The metadata includes information about the make and model of your camera, copyright data, user comments, the time and date of the photo, exposure, F-stop number, ISO speed and so on. You can view EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata.

While you're working on your photos, you can smoothly zoom in and out of your picture with just one click of your mouse. PicaJet offers several basic editing tools, including brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, crop, levels, sharpen, blur, effects and red eye reduction. You can see a before and after version of the image.

This photo organizing software uses intuitive visual clues to help you quickly locate your pictures. The interface for this application is simple and clear. You can quickly find your way around this software with the menu options. PicaJet Photo comes in 27 languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese.

If you need assistance with your Picajet Photo Organizer, you can contact PicaJet via email, fax or mail. If you email the manufacturer, you'll need the product name and platform. You can select these from a dropdown menu in the email form. You can also access a user forum and subscribe to a mailing list on PicaJet.com.

PicaJet Summary:

PicaJet is an excellent organizer; however, it offers fewer editing features than other products we reviewed. With its high speed, batching capabilities, and sharing options, consider PicaJet Photo Organizer if you are organizing thousands of photos.


PicaJet FX 2.5

You can send your photos directly to your mobile phone, Flickr or Fotki with PicaJet Photo Organizer.

This photo organizing software only has a few photo editing tools you can use to adjust your images.

The Verdict:

This software is great for organizing large amounts of photos, and it can share photos directly to your mobile phone.